Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Long Time, No See, Blogger.

I can't take this anymore.
I think I'm falling out of love with him, and into like.

I think that's good.
I just want things to go back to how they were, though.

I thought they might for a few days.
Then I fucked up.
I'm sorry, baybee. I really am.

I think I have another UTI.
I'm secretly not telling him.
Hoping he'll get one too.

Maybe then he can feel SOME sort of pain.
Even if it's not emotional. =/

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fuck this boat.

Fuck this choice.

Fuck being violated.

Fuck hoping he'll choose me.

Fuck hoping I can have my cake and eat it too.

Come hither, Mr. Vacation, you little devil. <3333
^^He's my TRUE love. <33
You just left.
I watched your car drive away into the distance of my long street. I watched as the red lights veered around the corner until it was virtual black at the top of the street, with slight light emanating off of the street lamp a few feet down the next road. I watched for minutes, moments, and what seemed to be hours hoping maybe you'd come back, but you never did. I strolled dismally into my house, greeted by my barking dog, and a half-lit home. I went up to my room; sitting on the edge of the bed, I immediately burst into tears thinking, "I shouldn't have kissed him, I should have never asked him to come over. I fucked up, again." Not because of anything that you did while you were here, but because any time that there is the slightest bit of hope; a slight glimmer in your eyes that says you might want me back, I get so excited. Exceeding the limits of hopefulness, each time, I am let down by a less than surprising move on your part. I give you love, kindness, trust, friendship, and so much more, and you give me... hope that something that will never get better will get better. Your gift is the worst and best gift in the entire world. The worst because, my hopes are so high that you'll be mine again, I don't see the forest through the trees, and I don't realize this cycle is never going to end. The best because for those thirty seconds where my hopes are up, I'm the happiest I will ever be. I'm willing to be hurt one thousand times over, as long as in between the hurt, I get to feel like you still love me.

Just remember that I'm here, and always will be.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Here's the issue.

Obviously as you know, I love Joe. However, lately been having problems, as you would already know as well... I gave up on the situation and decided to just be his friend. then I went on a date with this guy Taylor, who I really like, and he likes me, and everything went really well with that. Well... I spent the night at my friend Katt's dad's apartment, with Joe and her last night. And suddenly, Joe had never been more honest or affectionate. Suddenly it seems like he wants me back, again. And today, he asked me to choose between him and Taylor. Here were my options.

Choose Taylor - Get to be with a boy I could potentially love, and be happy with, and lose Joe even as a friend.

Choose Joe- Lose a guy I could potentially fall head over heels for, and hope that maybe Joe will decide he wants to date me again, and wait until that happens.

Bare in mind, I still love Joe. But being with Taylor on our date, and earlier today made me incredibly happy, and.. he's an awesome kisser. [Sorry. xD]

Also, bare in mind, spending yesterday and part of today with Joe has made me just want to be with him again. I sent him a text after he had to leave this morning, that basically said, "You're smart, funny, gorgeous, amazing, perfect, and i miss you already." And he [a guy that hasn't responded to my texts and virtually never says anything showing he cares] replied with, "You're all that and a box of chocolates. I miss you too."

Yesterday went like this:
Date with Taylor.
He had to leave because he had lessons [vocal & guitar]
Met up with Joe.
I snuck away from the group and called Taylor.
Joe came out, and realized that I wasn't calling my mom and that it was Taylor.
He admitted that it made him really unhappy to know I was talking to another guy, romantically.
Joe and I drove to the park and talked, and everything got amazingly better.
Joe spent the night.
I woke up in Joe's arms, he cuddled with me the WHOLE night.
[Which he hasn't done in months, not since we were dating.]
Joe left for an orthodontist appointment really early.
Taylor came over.
I fondled Taylor.
Felt horrible about it.
Taylor left.
I called Joe, asking him to come over.
Joe came over.
Told Joe nothing about Taylor.
Joe asked me to choose one of them. =/
I told Joe I chose him.
When really. I don't know who I choose.

Fucking shit. =/

Taylor is a fucking amazing kisser. Hands down.
Gosh, I really like him. =[

But.. I really LOVE Joe. =/

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

He hates me. :D

I'm going to try to be JUST his friend.
I'm really going to try this time.

But the truth is...
I don't want to be JUST his friend.


Maybe I can forget him when I go on my date tomorrow.
The new guy is cute, funny, smart, and talented.

Maybe he'll be different. Maybe he'll change me. =]

I'm not nearly as pretty as I thought he'd want. But he made me feel like I was.