Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ahh! Boys Make Girls Do Weird Things...

Like stay up all night thinking about what they did wrong.
Hoping to apologize and make everything better.

Like hoping that the hours pass by faster.
So she can see a boy she fancies sooner.

Like loving unconditionally and hating every second of it.
Knowing he doesn't want it anymore. :[

Like writing a message to him in the wee hours of the morning.
Giving him something to smile at as he awakens.

Boys, like you, make girls, like me, miserably happy, and happily miserable.
Girls, like me, wish boys, like you, knew how much you meant to them, even though they couldn't ever know.

I've been craving to kiss you for a couple days now.
Get here as soon as you can. I want to fulfill my craving. <3
You have the most gorgeous smile.
I can't help but smile, when see it.

...Why am I crying writing this?

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