Tuesday, June 24, 2008

He fucked her...


I feel really good.

On the bright-side.
he still loves me...
he sent her an angry message describing that he loves me.
&& he refused to kiss her, because he loves me.
I don't think he would have said it, if it didn't make her upset.

The last few times we've had sex. I have been faking orgasms.
One, because.. I feel like I should be having sex with him, maybe he'll stay around.
Two, I need to know he feels something for me, even if it's lust.
Three, I don't like to make him keep going until I get off, because I take forever... so I let him go.
Four, the sex has been amazing.. like, spectacular... but.. my mind is elsewhere.

I have, however, been reminded that he loves me.

He kissed my like he meant it this past Thursday, and it wasn't just in the heat of the moment.
He looked into my eyes, like something out of a movie, and kissed me, hard and long.

I enjoyed every second.
It's the little things that remind me he still loves me.

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