Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bottles up, Bottles up, Drink it up.

I am not sure:
what I want from Kurt Alexandre Damare.
what I want from Cam'ron Tabatabai.
what I want from Cate Rose Wood.
what I want from Tatyana De Leon.
what I want from Joseph Hammond Benny.
of anything.

I am sure:
that Kurt is misunderstood.
that Cam'ron is actually a really good guy.
that Cate likes me more than her boyfriend.
that Tatyana is flirting with me like a champ.
that Joe Benny is the cutest man alive, by far.
of everything.

I trust:
Joe Benny.
Katrina Suzanne.
Connor Kragel.
in few.

I believe:
that everyone should have someone.
that I am destined to be alone and confused.
that I am a slut.
that Conor Bouton talks shit about me.
in magic.

I realize:
that I am selfish.
that I am a bitch.
that I am untrustworthy.
that I am scum.
that I have an addiction.

I love:
getting fucked up.
being alone to think.
riding the metro.
being loved.
getting hurt.

I can't stand:
how selfish you are.
how self-loathing you are.
how mean you were to me.
how you think of our friendship.
how you can make me cry and smile at the same time.
how weird of a couple we are.
how Mrs. Liu gives out 98765 projects.

You are:
manipulative and pathetic.
incredible and loving.
sweet and innocent.
cute and lustful.
genuine and lonely.

None of you know anything.

I am really hurt by what has happened between me and Zach.
Really, really hurt. I really liked him.
Bottles up, chum.

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