Friday, January 2, 2009

Let's desert this day of hurt;

T o m o r r o w w e ' l l b e f r e e .

L e t ' s n o t f i g h t , I 'm t i r e d . C a n ' t w e j u s t s l e e p t o n i g h t ?
D o n ' t t u r n a w a y , i t ' s j u s t t h e r e ' s n o t h i n g l e f t h e r e t o s a y .
Turn around, I know we're lost but soon we'll be found.


1.)Wow, you really do miss me.
Word to your mother.

2.)Wow, you are so unappreciative.
Word to your mother.

3.)Wow, you really had me fooled.
Word to your mother.

People who deserve honorable mention over the break:

Blake: For drinking so much, that when he awoke the next morning, he called to ask where he got all the bruises and scratches from.

[That guy at Alli's]Chris: For drinking so much, that when he went to go pee, he passed out, almost falling in the toilet.

[Another guy at Alli's]Jimmy: The only sober person. He hated the music, the people, the atmosphere, even the girl he was with.

Jake: For obsessing over Halo and Call Of Duty when he's fucked up.

Bryce: Making my Christmas Eve suck a bit less.


Johnny Dale:
You are finally clean.
You finally call.
It's finally YOU and not the drugs.
I'm so happy for you.
I love you.

Kurt Update:
This is who you are:
&& I know that this is who you are.
I'm ohkay with that.
&& I know that this is what you will always be.
I'm ohkay with that.

  1. We broke up just after my post on December 24th, 2008.
  2. We speak everyday.
  3. He misses me.
  4. He came over here.
  5. He's never met my family, nor I, his.
  6. His truck really does exist.
  7. I remembered why I liked him.
  8. We smoke pot together.
  9. He regrets breaking up with me.
  10. I secretly wanted him to be my New Year's Kiss.
He was texting to me, as I was texting to him.
The Ball Drops.
"Happy New Years, Sweetie." - 12:01.
My feelings for you are unexplainable.

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