Wednesday, December 24, 2008

youexxplode: blaine you need to give yourself more credit you are great and any guy would be lucky to date you but thats just what happens when some immature little boy cant handle his drugs
youexxplode: i know nothing i say will make you feel any better but i thought i should tell you that anyway
youexxplode: just dont forget it


youexxplode: i like your name
Ohhh x Bumblebee: I hate my name.
Ohhh x Bumblebee: xD
youexxplode: i like it
youexxplode: its unique
youexxplode: i dont think i know anyone else with the name blaine
Ohhh x Bumblebee: It fits me
Ohhh x Bumblebee: but I don't like me either
Ohhh x Bumblebee: sooooo
Ohhh x Bumblebee: xD
youexxplode: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?!?!?!?!
youexxplode: are you insane?!
youexxplode: whats not to like
youexxplode: huh huh huh?!
Ohhh x Bumblebee: I like YOU.
Ohhh x Bumblebee: I wish you lived closer.
Ohhh x Bumblebee: Fuck being my male attachment
Ohhh x Bumblebee: you could be my boyfriend
Ohhh x Bumblebee: omfg
Ohhh x Bumblebee: I used that word!
youexxplode: :-D
youexxplode: you should move closer ASAP
Ohhh x Bumblebee: I knowwww. I want to.
Ohhh x Bumblebee: You're good ot me.
Ohhh x Bumblebee: *to
youexxplode: you would be an awesome girlfriend
Ohhh x Bumblebee: You would be an incredible boyfriend.
youexxplode: <3
Ohhh x Bumblebee: <3
youexxplode: we would just be an incredible couple
Ohhh x Bumblebee: I know!
youexxplode: the end
Ohhh x Bumblebee: Can I call you?
youexxplode: plus you are really really pretty and if we were dating id probably never stop kissing you
youexxplode: and i would like that very much
Ohhh x Bumblebee: I can call you?
Ohhh x Bumblebee: Silly boy.
Ohhh x Bumblebee: You would have to stop kissing me
Ohhh x Bumblebee: SO I COULD KISS YOU.
youexxplode: you can try but i have like no service where i am right now cause im at my dad's and i won't be home until sunday
youexxplode: cause im in ohio and it sucksssssssss
youexxplode: haha you are too cute
youexxplode: i wanna give you a big hug and lift you up and spin you around then then give you a cute little kiss on the nose
Ohhh x Bumblebee: My mouth would be jealous of the action my nose was getting. Could it have some too?
youexxplode: of courseeeeeeeee
youexxplode: you can have all the kisses you went where ever you want how ever you want them :-)
Ohhh x Bumblebee: I am listening to your myspace playlisttt. :]
youexxplode: as long as i get to kiss you i dont care :-)
Ohhh x Bumblebee: I'm smiling and dancing.
Ohhh x Bumblebee: You made this Christmas a good one. A REALLY good one.
Ohhh x Bumblebee: <3
youexxplode: aww but i didnt even do anything!
youexxplode: if i lived closer id come by right now and suprise you with hot cocoa and keep you company till its midnight then surprise you with a gift
youexxplode: since it would be such short notice though id probably make you a gift so it wouldnt be that great
Ohhh x Bumblebee: You are the sweetest guy EVER.
youexxplode: haha no way
youexxplode: you must have me mistaken for someone else

youexxplode: 4 hours is far but not far enough to make not wanna come see you

[If he comes to see me then I will fucking GO HOME with him.]

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