Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Gorgeous Face.

I don't mind the fact that he has me whipped
He prolly doesn't even know it.
He's really really good to me.
In fact... he's fucking amazing.
To be completely honest...
I've never felt this good dating anyone.

It is they, that make me so incredibly uncomfortable.
It is they that put this inane amount of pressure on me.

Think about this part:

Conor goes to a school where there are pretty girls who want to date him all of the time.
Where there are girls who would KILL to have him just for a second.

Now think about this:

I've got THE lowest self esteem, so I get to worry every three seconds about him finding someone prettier or nicer, or more genuine, or just better than me. I know him, and I know that he'd never do that to me. But, I'm scared, because that is ALL I know. I am less than everyone else. That is how it is. Half of these girls can't even tell me his favourite color, or his favourite song.. or even tell me his middle name. Most can't even pronounce his last name correctly. They don't know him as a person, they know him as a face. A Gorgeous Face. a gorgeous face that they want to kiss and touch and hold in their hands. That's my place. They want MY place. They might as well just take it right out from under me.

I am scared. Terrified. Upset.
I am feeble. Stupid. Naive.
I am manipulation at it's finest.
I am trust at it's weakest.


And listen to me, you are GORGEOUS and probably one of the nicest girl I've met. I sincerely mean it when i say the girls at my school don't compare to you, especially in Conor's eyes. The majority of girls at my school would die to get with him but exactly as you said, they know close to nothing about him which is exactly why they wont. Even the girls who are semi friends with him, he's not into them at all because he know he's got a great girl outside of school plus they only are interested because they saw him as a really hot guy. Dont ever say your less than everyone else because truth be told, your not and you should know that =]. I mean when i first saw you i thought you were really intimidating and not even just because of Conor just in general you looked like it so dont doubt yourself at all =D

Maybe Marissa is right?
Good Lord, I Hope So.
All I can see is a dumb slut.

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