Friday, November 21, 2008

I have no idea what to do:

One: I miss you, babyy.
Me: Really?
One: Yes, I really do miss you.
Me: Ohkay, so that made me feel alot less retarded for missing you...
One: I really like you, Blaine. Lol
One: Yesss. You are like my other half.

[Reading this made me tear up.]

Two: I miss you!
Two: This separation hurts!
Two: I want to be near you

[You should have seen the smile this gave me.]

And I love Katt.
And I miss Joe.
And I miss Conor.

But you know what I've really missed?
This is a real shocker: Cam'ron.
It's been two years since I've seen him.
I want to visit him in college.
I talk to him damn near everyday.


Me: i shall give you a nickname and it shall forever be yours. Preferences?
One: Lol. Its up to you it was your idea jol
Me: KURBEAR. Similar to KIRBY but much cuter. :] [If you heard me say it.. your cute-o-meter would shit it's pants. It's that cute.]
One: Baby your adorable
Me: I just said the words, "shit it's pants" and so I'm cute? xD
One: Lol whatever :-P
One: Haha. Dont' worry. No one will ever hear it. Just you and me. I have to be feeling awfully cute for nicknames. So... you won't have to hear it often.
One: What if i wanted to :-P
Me: THEN MAYBE. Only On odd numbered days when it's raining in Louisiana. :]

[He even thinks I'm cute when I'm grotesque. Bonus!]

Me: If I sang to you, would you never ever forget the song?
One: Never ever.

[Is it horrible that I believe him with every ounce of my being? He'd remember before I would.]

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