Monday, December 1, 2008

Anticipation ran through my bones...

and my clothes never fit right.

I can't wait 'til we meet again.
First comes heavy breathing.
Staring at the ceiling.
What will happen next?
I don't wanna know.



You've stopped calling like you used to. You used to call every morning. I loved it. I'd wake up and think about you all day. My days weren't bad then. I'm not sure how I feel about that. It means were drifting apart. That bothers me. More than I thought it might. Truth is, I love talking to you on the phone, and through texts, and in person. I love being near you, and trusting you. That is a big thing. Me trusting you, I mean. A big, big, huge, ginormous thing. But, I know you're gonna fuck me over. I'm trying not to let you get in too close, but your gaining strides on my tiny footsteps.

Sing at me, scream at me.
I want to hear your voice.

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