Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Nothing is moving me the way the words of these songs do.
Give me some direction for myself.
I am listening.

I missed you yesterday. You silly reminder, you.
Circa Survive always gets me that way.
I once had stop shedding tears for you.
They're all coming back now.
I'm getting re-attached.
I think I know better this time.
I'm sure you're not here for good.
But, my darling, I will be waiting for that.
And I will keep missing you until that day, promise.

This is a plane crash.
This is two cars colliding.
Crash & Burn, baby.
Here we are.
It's the beginning.
We're hanging on by a thread.
Isn't that sad?
We're barely even into this.
We're already fading away.
I knew this wouldn't last.
I knew we wouldn't last.
I really like you, though.
Every time I fee l like were slipping.
This weird part of me wants us to stay.
Right here, right where we are.
Stationary. Immovable. Immobile.
I don't love you, but there is potential.

Everything has been clouding my mind lately.
But, I can't seem to get things off my chest.
Or place the right words together.
In a sentence to show how I feel.
To convey anything but silence.
That is what bothers me.
So, I will sit here.

Face it.
This is a mistake.

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