Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The truth is...

-I can't trust you any longer.
-I put my faith in the wrong place.
-I'm not sure how I feel about you anymore.

Sucks to be you, I guess.

The funny thing about all of this is..
I'm not the one that's gonna get hurt this time.
You are.

[About Male 2]


Male One:
Stop drifting in and out of my life.
Please come here and stay with me.
There are somethings you said that I can't get out of my brain.
Male One:"I consider them friend-kisses, just so I don't feel bad about cheating."
Me: "I like you. And I missed you so so so so much."
Male One:" I like you too, and I missed you a lot."
Me: "I know you like me, it's preeeeeetty obvious."
Male One: "Name three signs."
Me: "You came here from 45 minutes away to see me. You kissed ME first when you got here. You just told me that you like me."
Male One: "Okay, I know I like you, but I seriously didn't think you'd come up with three things."
[insert glorious Male One kissies here.]

I'll always love you.

I didn't think you were telling the truth about making time for me and such.
I didn't think you were telling me the truth about missing me.
I didn't think that you wanted to be near me for any other reason than a good fuck.
[& MAN, WAS IT GOOD. It always has been.]

I loved seeing your smiling face next to me.
I loved the kisses you gave me.
I loved holding your hand, cuddling and watching a movie.
I loved when you told me you like me and that you missed me.
Beautiful boy, I love you. Uhg.

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